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    Prakrit Summer School 2007

    A newly initiated international summer school project would like to invite students of Sanskrit for an introductory course on Prakrit. The two-week intensive course will focus on the basics, grammar and reading practice of the post-canonical Jain Prakrits, Jaina-Maharashtri in particular. The event is mainly designed for the students of Sanskrit who show interest in Jain and Prakrit studies, but have no possibility for getting any tuition on Prakrits at their home university. The summer school will take place in Rantasalmi, eastern Finland at the turn of July/August 2007.

    The leading idea of the summer school is to get together a group of enthusiastic people for the study of Prakrit texts in a Finnish countryside milieu. In addition to the lessons, the students will have good possibilities for joint reading practices, exchange of ideas, cooking together, etc. Depending of the success of this introductory course, the Prakrit Summer School Project can be carried on in some format during the next years. Formation of a group of scholars and students interested in Jain epic and narrative literature would be an attractive alternative for the future.

    The course plan & materials

    The intensive course will consist of 3-5 hours of lessons per day (Mon-Sat) and of less scheduled late afternoon preparatory reading sessions in smaller groups. A more detailed day-to-day program will be sent to the participants together with the second circular.
        As the reference grammar we will use the following book:
    Frank van den Bossche, A Reference Manual of Middle Prakrit Grammar. The Prakrits of the Dramas and the Jain Texts. Gent 1999.
        The passages selected for reading will be supplied with a glossary.

    Venue and accomodation

    The Prakrit Summer School will take place at "Himadevi kendra", which is a traditional Finnish farmhouse, together with its annexes spacious enough to house a group of about 15 participants. Besides being the home of Petteri Koskikallio and his family, this "Sanskrit farm" has a small Indological library specialized on epic and puranic literature, Vaishnavism, Jainism, etc. The venue situates literally in the middle of a forest in lake district of Finland, 6 km from the centre of Rantasalmi and 42 km west from the city of Savonlinna.

    Some relevant links for the help of orientation:


    The course fee is 300 euros. The banking details will follow in the second circular. Yet, the fee can as well be paid on arrival in Rantasalmi. The course fee includes:

    • Tuition + course materials (including one copy of the reference grammar)

    Organizers, teachers, sponsors

    The summer school is organized by an informal network of the following scholars:

    The teachers:

    Practical organizer:

    • Petteri Koskikallio

    The summer school is not directly affiliated to any university. The project was made possible by a grant from the Emil Aaltonen Foundation.

    Flights, travel, climate

    For reaching Rantasalmi from abroad it is best to take a flight to Helsinki and continue by bus (or train) towards northeast. There are four daily buses departing directly from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Savonlinna, and a few more from the Helsinki Central Bus Station (single ticket c. 45 euros, unfortunately no student discount for students studying outside Finland). Persons who arrive on Saturday afternoon (July 21) can be taken by car from the airport or from the Helsinki area directly to Rantasalmi. The distance between Helsinki and Rantasalmi is 300 km. More details about the connections will be given in the second circular and, when necessary, personally to each participant.

    For timetable details, see:
    http://www.matkahuolto.fi/en/index.html (for buses)
    http://www.vr.fi/heo/eng/aikataulut/aikataulut.htm (for train)
    (fill in "Savonlinna" for the destination)   

    The climate in southern Finland is usually very pleasant in July and early August with warm (and light) nights and daytime highs of 20-27 °C. Also rainy days may appear.

    The Finnish currency is the Euro.

    Application & further information

    Please send your brief free-form applications by June 11, 2007 to:


    Or by post to:

    Petteri Koskikallio, Korpihovintie 65, FIN-58910 Rantasalmi as. FINLAND
    (Tel./fax +358-15-444130, mobile +358-50-5557672)

    These addresses are also for further information.

    Important dates

    • June 11 – Closing date for application
    • June 20 – The acceptance will be confirmed up to this date
    • The turn of June/July – Second circular, including more detailed information about the course material, schedule, how to reach Rantasalmi from Helsinki, etc. + some pre-reading material will be sent to the participants (by e-mail)
    • July 21/22 (Sat/Sun) – Preferred dates for arrival
    • July 23 – Classes begin on Monday morning
    • August 4 – Last session of the summer school on Saturday morning
    • August 4/5 – Return to Helsinki