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    Department of Cultural Studies of East- and South-Asia

    Vorträge von Dr. K. Chinnappa Gowda

    Professor of Kannada, Mangalore University

    Public Lecture and Workshop
    Do, 22.11.: SIRI – Narration and the Making of the Epic Universe,

    16:15-17:45, 18:15-19:45, Raum 8U11b

    Public Lecture
    Do, 29.11.: Kannada Literature – Dialogues and Negotiations,

    16:15-17:45, Raum 8U11b

    Fr, 16.11., Fr, 23.11., Mi. 28.11.: Readings from Modern Kannada Literature

    jeweils 9:15-10:45, 11:15-12:45, Raum 8U1

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